The Secure Ledger of Things

Security Protocol for the Internet of Things


Atonomi provides a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce.

The key innovation of Atonomi is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. We accomplish this by building and incentivizing an ecosystem of participants to maintain decentralized consensus for device transactions on the Atonomi Network.

“Secure interoperability is essential for the Internet of Things to reach its full potential. The Atonomi blockchain technology vision for a global service that enables secure transactions and commerce through device identity and reputation is something Arm is excited to see realized.”

Ian Ferguson, VP Ecosystem Development, IoT Services Group at Arm

Use Cases

Vertically focused IoT companies are building diverse new applications for both controlled and autonomous device-to-device interactions, but the attack surface represented by billions of IoT devices – most of which are now unprotected or poorly protected – could enable hackers to disrupt the services that is expected to control many aspects of our lives in the coming years.

By building on the Atonomi Security Protocol, application developers can unleash the power of IoT.


Healthcare providers use the Atonomi Network to secure IoT devices – in the hospital or home

  • Heart monitors, insulin pumps, and other devices can securely communicate from home to clinic
  • An inventory sensor can autonomously re-order blood by type according to electronic health records, surgery schedules, and historical ER needs
  • Patients can elect to share anonymized device readings with researchers to advance science and guard against adverse impacts

Smart Home

Homeowner secures and enables smart home with Atonomi Tokens

  • Consumers can register smart home devices with the Atonomi Network
  • Device identity is validated for devices within the home to protect against security risks
  • Registered IoT devices, like a smart thermostat, can autonomously and securely buy electric power from the lowest cost provider

Industrial IoT

Manufacturers securely deploy new IoT devices via Atonomi Network

  • A manufacturing plant can securely deploy new devices, knowing they have been validated by Atonomi
  • Upon activation the IoT device registers onto the Atonomi Network, where its identity is validated using an encrypted key and other secure data
  • Registered devices can securely interact with other devices, protecting against security risks from unknown devices

Smart Cities

Municipalities can securely link IoT devices to enhance citywide operations

  • A city can combine big data and machine learning to automate IoT device interactions, secured by the Atonomi Network
  • From smart street lights to coordinated devices to reduce congestion and pollution, secured IoT can enhance livability
  • Citywide distribution of devices protected by the Atonomi Network

Our Solution

Since the inception of blockchain technology, developers have recognized its potential for protecting the IoT. But they hit a wall when it came to validating device identity and reputation. Atonomi will solve these problems by creating a secure ecosystem for IoT device interaction and commerce – essential to supporting billions of IoT devices engaging in trillions of transactions.

The basic Atonomi architecture, built upon the Ethereum platform, will include these key elements for users and ecosystem developers:

Service to Establish Identity. Trusted identity provides a level of insurance necessary for IoT devices to exchange information, enable actions and buy and sell products and services. Once registered, the device is known and trusted by the Atonomi network and now ready for the device owner to activate the device when placed in service.

Protocol and System to Manage Reputation. Once device identity is established, the reputation of devices must be managed in order for secure interoperability to exist. A device’s reputation consists of its unique behavioral signature representing varying degrees of security, commercial, social, service, and other quality measurements. Atonomi’s reputation protocol is a key enabler of a future consisting of trusted devices securely interacting in an autonomous manner.

Token to Facilitate Services in the Atonomi Network. Atonomi intends build a global ecosystem to enable the secure, trusted interoperability of IoT devices through identity and reputation. Our vision is to tokenize the identity and reputation of devices on the Atonomi Network leveraging Ethereum, while utilizing the token as a means to drive ecosystem participation. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors will receive Atonomi Token for participating in the Atonomi Network.

Extensible Architecture to be Built Upon. The Atonomi Network has been designed for others to build upon and extend the services to meet the additional needs of new and existing market segments. The Identity Registry and Transaction Ledger can be integrated into services such as healthcare, industrial IoT, and home automation to enable devices from different manufacturers to interoperate without the complexity of custom API development or the security risks associated with open communications between unknown devices.

Tokenized IoT Security Ecosystem

The Atonomi Token enables a decentralized, immutable security infrastructure and creates a system of consistently increasing engagement in the Atonomi Network. The Atonomi Token is used within the security protocol for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors are anticipated to seek Atonomi Token rewards for participating in the Atonomi Network.

Trust and reputation enable security which enables interoperability among IoT devices. And cryptocurrency provides the ideal mechanism for supporting autonomous device-to-device transactions in the IoT. In the absence of digital tokens, devices would need to be equipped with credit card processing capabilities that require a far larger footprint on resource-constrained devices. With the Atonomi Network and Token, we can unleash the power of IoT.

Leading the IoT Security Market

Atonomi is being developed by CENTRI Technology, creators of IoTAS – Internet of Things Advanced Security. CENTRI’s current partners include the largest IoT ecosystem players like Arm, Flex, Microsoft, Intel, and others.

CENTRI’s software-only solution is embedded from chip to cloud to secure and compress all data in motion and at rest, to protect data privacy and eliminate the risk of launching IoT products. IoTAS features certificate-less, hardware-based ID to establish trusted devices without the need to exchange and manage certificates. The CODEC provides simultaneous data encryption and compression to protect data while saving bandwidth and storage costs.

CENTRI’s core technology is integrated into the Atonomi services stack and includes these 10 patents.

Because we believe the future of IoT requires not only secure data (CENTRI’s current services) but also secure devices with immutable identity at the core, we’ve committed to building the Atonomi Network.

Atonomi Team

Robert Strickland

Technology and innovation leader with more than 30 years of experience in driving growth of top companies.

Vaughan Emery

Software leader and entrepreneur in cybersecurity market for over 20 years; founder of CENTRI Technology and Atonomi.

David Fragale
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Oversees Product. Former Blockchain and cryptocurrencies lead expert at PwC and fellow and researcher at MIT.

Mike Mackey
CTO and VP of Engineering

Builds market-leading security platforms and leads 15-person engineering team at CENTRI.

Dr. Luis Paris
Chief Data Scientist

Ground-breaking PhD work led to the creation of core technologies for CENTRI.

Andrii Zamovsky
Strategic Development Partner

Technical advisor and expert blockchain development leader. Founder of Ambisafe and OrderBook.

Our Advisors

Dr. John Clippinger
MIT Media Lab

Researcher at MIT; cofounder Token Commons; advisor to Bancor Foundation, Cashaa, and more.

Dr. Ulf Lindqvist
Senior Technical Director at SRI International

Lead at SRI International on cyber security, infrastructure systems, and intrusion detection.

Dr. David Kravitz
Vice President, Crypto Systems Research at DarkMatter

Leading expert on cryptography, Blockchain-based identity, and information security.

David Jevans
CEO, CipherTrace

Experienced executive in the Bitcoin, blockchain, payments, and security industries.

Rob May
Co-Founder & CEO, Talla

Leader in Machine Intelligence, Cloud and Brain-Machine interfaces; founder of Talla and BotChain.

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