About the company

Atonomi is the creator of the universal trust environment for IoT. Atonomi is designed to validate immutable device identity, as well as enable device interoperability and reputation for a connected world. Through the application of blockchain technology, Atonomi aims to make it possible for IoT solutions to build upon it to enable secure IoT transactions. Atonomi’s parent company, CENTRI Technology, is a leading provider of IoT data security for resource-constrained devices.

Developers and manufacturers can embed the Atonomi SDK onto their IoT devices, giving them the ability to leverage the power of blockchain technology and the Atonomi trust environment.

Atonomi accomplishes all of this with precision coding that keeps its embedded SDK footprint to a mere 50 Kb for most devices. Because we know that before you can secure IoT devices, you must provide a solution that can fit onto—and operate within the severe resource constraints of—IoT devices.

By securing device identity to the blockchain, Atonomi gives developers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the vast world of IoT the ability to create a trusted environment in which device identity can be validated, and device operational reputation can be tracked to help protect against compromised devices.