Secure Your IoT Solutions with the Atonomi Embedded SDK

Security has always been essential. With IoT it's mission critical.

Atonomi blockchain-based security gives your applications a competitive advantage in a marketplace increasingly concerned about hackers and other bad actors.

Use the Atonomi Embedded SDK to establish trust between devices and protect interactions from end-to-end in real-time. Atonomi stores device identity and reputation on the blockchain, which offers tamper-proof, public transparency. Atonomi also protects inter-device transactions with asymmetric cryptography to ensure messages are kept 100% private from end-to-end..

Compact SDK Code

Created with IoT Developers in Mind

Our developers are masters of precision coding. Their long experience in creating security code for IoT devices has enabled us to create the Atonomi Embedded SDK, which has a footprint of less than 100 KB, and for most devices is only about 60 kB.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, just download the Atonomi Embedded SDK. And read our Getting Started Guide.

Atonomi Embedded SDK

Atonomi Embedded SDK for validating devices on the Atonomi trust environment

Smart Contracts

Solidity smart contracts governing device registration, activation, and reputation


Getting started  and FAQs

Incentive Program

For developers focused on building a secure future with trusted interoperability for IoT devices. Apply for up to $100,000 in funding to be used for platform that incorporate the Atonomi trust environment.

Protecting the World of IoT

The Atonomi Network provides the trust and security of immutable identity and blockchain-based reputation tracking to support a world of IoT uses, including major areas such as:

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