AMA Community FAQs August 14 2018

Tell me a little bit more about Robert Strickland and why the change for a new CEO now?

Rob is the CEO of both CENTRI and Atonomi. He brings a wealth of experience of over 30 years in leadership positions at top companies such as T-Mobile (CIO and Cricket Wireless (CTO). For the last 4 years he’s been the interim CTO at Neustar and Groupo Televisa in Mexico City. He’s been on the board of directors for both CENTRI and Atonomi since the beginning and has great insight to the Atonomi Network, our target market, how to grow the product and accelerate its adoption to enable trust and identity for the Internet of Things. By the end of the token sale, it became apparent that Vaughan needed more time to focus on helping to evangelize the Atonomi Network and continuing to take on dual CEO responsibilities for both CENTRI and Atonomi would hinder that. With this move, it’s win-win - we get a super-experienced business and product leader in Rob while retaining Vaughan in his new role as strategic evangelist.

What are his main priorities and changes vs what was done by the former CEO? (Specifics on the new CEO’s priorities)

As outlined in the press release,Rob will focus on driving Atonomi’s product delivery, partnerships, and customer adoption. The change will allow former CEO Vaughan Emery to focus 100% on strategic initiatives to evangelize the product.

Do you think that CENTRI Technology could merge into Atonomi in the future to be just one project, seems to be shifting that?

Yes, that’s part of our roadmap and an interesting observation as there are many synergies with the product, the teams and our target markets. CENTRI has a great product for IoT data security, Atonomi has a great one for IoT device identity and trust. We will let the market know if we decide to go down that path via broad communications.

The community has been asking for pictures and the video of the team/offices. Is this something you could do today or in the near future?

Our pictures and company info will be up on our web site for everyone to enjoy.

What is the likelihood of CENTRI partners doing business with Atonomi?

Great question. We are going to use all possible connections and resources at our disposal to make Atonomi successful. Some of our CENTRI partners such as Arm or Flex are potential targets to enable wider adoption of the Atonomi Network and we’ve already had several discussions. Beyond CENTRI the Atonomi team is talking to many different crypto/blockchain organizations about partnerships as well.

Being a real world business, how do you feel you have adapted to the crypto sphere? Would you acknowledge you need more help?

We are used to building products and communicating our message to the market that follows a regular pattern of business. The crypto community wants complete transparency and information in real-time that in some cases could be used against us by competitors.  We need our community to understand that the way Atonomi creates the most value for everyone is by continuing to build the best product for the market and to work at adoption of that product with the right mix of sales and marketing to actual users of the product. Spending an inordinate amount of time on speculators will not help us to achieve our goal of achieving best in class product and market adoption.

Atonomi released the SDK, but when will the Atonomi ecosystem be ready (alpha/beta), where token will be used for development, deployment or usage?

Atonomi is solving a long-term business problem of providing trust and identity to IoT. The current SDK and smart contract are functional and can be used on the Atonomi Network today. We are confident we will be in with more pilots by the end of the year with key verticals while we continue to improve the product.

Add Atonomi team member as admin to the group who will be available for answering at least a few hours in a day.

We’re going to do the best we can to be on the channel to address key concerns with the very limited time and resources we have as a small team.

Any plans to go overseas market?

We are already speaking to potential customers and partners not based in the U.S. and will go anywhere the product is needed!

12 000 ETH is much more withdrawn than other projects I would like to see more specifics on costs.

I appreciate the question on costs. The company is running with nearly 30 people and an aggressive drive to deliver the product. As you can expect, we keep much of our costs and plans as close as possible as to ensure we keep our competitive advantage. Our distinguished Board of Directors (including myself) and very much on top of costs, time to market, product development, marketing, sales and administration. We are pushing to deliver a solid product well ahead our schedule.

Updates about partnerships?

We are in active discussions with several technical and commercial partnerships but don’t want to confirm those until we’ve put ink to paper. We can announce today that we’ve partnered with two different leading organizations in the industry - TM Forum and Trusted IoT Alliance. TM Forum ( represents over 850 member companies across communication service providers (CSPs) and suppliers in the telco industry that we know are key to power IoT device connectivity. We will be doing co--marketing programs with them for thought leadership and connections to their membership which are a who’s who of the mobile industry. The Trusted IoT Alliance ( is another good fit with us as their mandate is to create a secure, scalable, interoperable, and trusted IoT ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with them and working with their member companies across blockchain and enterprises.

Can u give an idea of when the product will be available?

The product is available today, see our GitHub repo for details on how to get started

Previously one of the community members was asking about the roadmap. When can expect it? We saw your roadmap under an ICO Drop website. Is it true regarding the AWS integration?

That roadmap is largely accurate and in fact many of the items listed in the first and second bars are live today (Atonomi SDK available, Identity Server, expansion of SDK support). We are paying close attention to feedback we are getting from those who are beginning to use the network and prioritizing the roadmap accordingly. I encourage this community to download the SDK, try it out and provide your own feedback.

When you have a working product why don't we video with demo how it works, Also I understand the product is built on ETH with a TPS of 10-20 transactions per second how does it suit Atonomi IoT requirement 3) Admin here talked about transaction cost when one device talks to other device and some Atonomi token are used as transaction charges, can you please tell why would two devices want to access another device’s info and how would that work in real time with such low TPS blockchain?

As to the product demo - I have the team working very hard to prepare us for the up-coming Mobile World Congress Americas, to be held in Los Angeles 12-14 September. We will be preparing a demonstration for that conference & will be posting that up on our web site. During the show we will be taking videos and pictures that we can share during/after that big event. The mobile 5G world cuts across our target verticals such as healthcare, smart cities, retail, general IoT.... As to the scalability we are working diligently on investigating both side chain options and multi-chain support to help mitigate these concerns. As to the device to device communication the tokens are used to Register and Activate devices on the network but are not used in ongoing transaction/communication between devices.

There is a concern with respect to token supply which would rise exponentially over a period of 3 years. Apart from registering and activating device(which essentially also doesn't comes make supply of token less) is there any other use case of ATMI token?

I really like your question and it is one that we are working through daily as a team. One of the great opportunities for us to leverage this - our Developer Community - with ideas, solutions and uses for the ATMI tokens that you might be best suited to develop. I really want to see all of you download our SDK and join a newly formed Telegram group to speak directly to the Developers who are using the Atonomi SDK. These dialogs and conversations - ideas and solutions - will drive more innovation and use of ATMI we are certain.

My suggestion is, if you guys can do a video on how to download and use the SDK. And how to really implement it, from there people will understand more your product and the vision you were trying to achieve.

We're going to be releasing videos of the product and demos soon. Most developers understand how to download and use the SDK but we're always looking for feedback to make the process easy for all.

Last not the least, before you go any update on exchanges?

Exchanges - unfortunately, we cannot speculate on any certain Exchanges before they are confirmed. We are in the middle of discussions.... stay tuned!

From CEO Rob Strickland: Thank you everyone - I’ll have the team back on for our next AMA in about two weeks. We have a lot to do in the days ahead, so we will be back with more updates.  Don’t forget to download our SDK and start using the product CTO Mike Mackey and his team have developed - it is ready for your use. Our agile process will continue to add features/functionality to the product continuously.