Assess-IoT and CENTRI Technology Announce Partnership for Creating and Delivering Secure and Trusted Capabilities for IoT

Assess-IoT introduces new CENTRI practice to help businesses design and implement layered security capabilities reaching the most vulnerable aspects of IoT

Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas — November 1, 2018 —

CENTRI Technology, and its subsidiary Atonomi, announced today a partnership with Assess-IoT to deliver a combination of consulting services designed for digital transformation using IoT solutions architected to meet the requirements of the future of IoT. The partnership involves Assess-IoT’s consulting service for strategic analysis and business model innovation based on their comprehensive understanding of IoT ecosystems, and the layered security solutions from CENTRI technology designed for network and protocol agnostic security down to the lowest form factor and battery powered devices used for IoT solutions. Such devices are increasingly becoming mainstream elements for companies embracing digital transformation, yet issues around data and communications security, privacy, and governance remain central to enabling systems that can truly be trusted as they become foundational elements of companies’ delivery capabilities.


"Assess-IoT is proud to have selected CENTRI as a prime partner to help develop comprehensive IoT security solutions,” said Peter Hunt, CEO of Assess-IoT. “We take a 'business first' approach which demands end-to-end alignment, leading system architectures and best-in-class technology implementations using our carefully selected business partnerships."


Assess-IoT and CENTRI Technology are expecting to engage in multiple markets, especially those markets where the IoT landscape includes a wide array of distributed devices. “We have seen the world evolve from products that exist as IoT silos, where the IoT enabled device simply provides a stream of data back to the device manufacturer, to broader scale enterprise architectures where the IoT architecture contemplates thousands of IoT devices contextualizing and leveraging IoT data, enterprise data, and external data to create powerful digital signatures beyond what was possible just a few years ago,” said Don DeLoach, President and COO of CENTRI Technology. “Assess-IoT not only has the ability help enterprises effectively leverage IoT on a broader, more powerful basis, but they can deliver the key foundational elements as a part of that architecture, starting with the very security model and services needed to ensure the critical trust required for any enterprise”.


About Assess-IoT


Assess-IoT is a consultancy company specializing in helping companies improve their business by developing and deploying IoT based solutions. Our team is built from highly experienced business and technology leaders. For more information visit or contact us at 832.945.9286.


About CENTRI Technology and Atonomi

CENTRI provides advanced data security for the Internet of Things. Our flexible, software-only products provide IoT professionals, developers and device makers with the means to quickly get to market with purpose-built IoT security, protecting data from creation to consumption. CENTRI enables you to mitigate today’s data communication risks in a standards-based network infrastructure with heavyweight industry-standard encryption and compression, packed into a lightweight small footprint ideal for low-power IoT endpoint devices.


Atonomi, the blockchain-based product business unit of CENTRI, is the creator of the universal trust environment for IoT. Atonomi security software validates immutable device identity as well as enables device interoperability and reputation for a connected world. Through the application of blockchain technology, Atonomi aims to empower developers to build IoT solutions on its platform which will enable secure IoT transactions.


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