Atonomi Developer Incentive Program

With the recent release of our Atonomi tokens (ATMI), and our earlier release of the Atonomi Embedded SDK and smart contracts, the Atonomi Network is now operational on the Ethereum mainnet with full functionality. We’re extremely excited to see how developers will use the Atonomi Network to bring trust and identity to the IoT. To kick things off, we’ve created the Atonomi Developer Incentive Program.

Atonomi provides a unique blockchain-enabled security protocol to bring device registration, activation, validation, and reputation to secure the rapidly growing IoT. A key innovation of the Atonomi Network is to root the identity and reputation of devices on the blockchain, enabling trusted interoperability between billions of connected devices. Securing the IoT is mission-critical for numerous sectors including smart cities, healthcare, manufacturing and home automation.

$100,000 Developer Incentives

The Developer Incentive Program is a global open innovation initiative designed to recruit, engage and reward developers of IoT + Blockchain projects. Developers are crucial to shaping the future of IoT, and Atonomi is providing not just its technology but also ATMI tokens as incentives for developers to join the Atonomi vision to solve the important issue of IoT security.

Our Atonomi Developer Incentive Program invites developers from around the world to engage locally in their respective regions and compete globally for awards including microgrants sponsored by Atonomi and our Strategic Partners.

Developer teams can apply for up to $100,000 in funding to be used for platforms that incorporate the Atonomi Network. Funding is based on merit of project, verifiable financing needs, and demonstrable quality of team. In addition to our microgrants, up to 3 winners will be selected in the Global Launch Challenge. If you are selected as a finalist, we will contact you to provide additional required information.  For more information, click the link above, or just visit our website.

Developers can get started by downloading our software development kit (SDK) available on GitHub, which they can use to embed the Atonomi Network security protocol into IoT devices. GitHub also has our QuickStart Guide to help developers understand how to implement the technology and the process for registering a device with the network; and smart contracts, which will tie the Atonomi Network to the Ethereum blockchain.

In an accelerator fashion, Atonomi is preparing to host a series of hackathons in key markets around the globe to spark a movement toward the Atonomi security protocol becoming the standard for IoT.

The Developer is, of course, at the starting point for all of this innovation. With the Atonomi Network now full launched and our Developer Incentive Program, we are eager to see how creatively and effectively our platform will be used.

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