Atonomi Tokens Update

The Atonomi tokens (ATMI) from the public sale have all been unlocked and released to cleared buyers

Hello Atonomi Universe,

The ATMI token was unlocked and released to cleared buyers on Thursday July 12th at 2pm UTC, after we completed the final security and audit tasks to clear the tokens for release.  IoT solution developers and users of the Atonomi Network will be able to use the ATMI token to register and activate IoT devices through the Atonomi Identity Registry Network.  As Atonomi enabled IoT devices interact, their reputations will evolve and enable a new level of trust and security for the Internet of Things.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the extended team of people that worked diligently on the project; without their commitment, this would not be possible.

Best regards,


I now have Atonomi tokens in my wallet but how do I start using them to secure IoT devices?

Every Atonomi token holder has been assigned an account. In order to register devices on the Atonomi Network as a developer or manufacturer, please start the process to activate your account by emailing us at and provide these two pieces of information:

ETH wallet address (same one used in your token purchase)

Email address (same one used in your token purchase)

What's next in the process?

After we receive your information above confirming your intention to register devices we will email your individual credentials and a link to access the registration portal, which will be available soon. The portal will feature instructions on how to go through the process.

How does the Atonomi token and the Atonomi Network function together?

The Atonomi Network requires devices to use our SDK and Smart Contract found on our GitHub site found here: The Atonomi Token, as outlined in our white paper and terms of sale, allows users of the decentralized Atonomi Network to obtain device registration, activation, reputation management and related services.