CENTRI Technology and Digital Edge Form Joint Venture for Development and Launch of Blockchain-Based IoT Security Solution

Joint Venture will Leverage Atonomi ATMI Platform; Full Line-Up of Meetings Set for Mobile World Congress with Prospective Enterprise Customers Throughout Americas and Europe


SEATTLE and MEXICO CITY, Feb. 20, 2019 – CENTRI Technology and its subsidiary Atonomi, now a fully unified company with a single mission, today announced with Digital Edge the formation of a joint venture for the development and launch of a blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) security product for enterprises throughout the Americas and Europe. The companies will focus initially on large multi-national companies headquartered in the LATAM/Mexico region and move quickly into the European marketplace.

The joint venture will leverage the expansive blockchain expertise, cryptography, privacy and product development capabilities of Digital Edge, a Mexico City-based company whose digital trust and reliability solutions are currently used by governments as well as businesses in the healthcare, financial services, media, telecommunications, chemicals, oil and retail industries. Seattle-based CENTRI and Atonomi will bring to the relationship their layered security models for IoT device and endpoint security. The first roll-out of the IoT security product with pilot customers is expected later this year. Additionally, Digital Edge will support the Atonomi ATMI token brought forward mid-2018 as a component of the developing product roadmap for the joint venture.

"Our teams have been heads down on this work now for several months,” said Robert Strickland, CEO of CENTRI and Atonomi and a longtime technology industry CIO with major mobile communications companies. “This new joint venture will enable us to expedite our delivery of enterprise security solutions to a wide range of companies across many industries. While we are announcing this today, we have already initiated discussions with companies that will lead to our first paid pilots within the first half of this year. We are set to meet with telecommunications and IoT related companies next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The nature of security solution projects requires that they remain under strict Research and Development NDAs.Therefore, our team will continue to work confidentially with the multi-national corporations until we announce the agreements publicly.”

The layered security solutions from CENTRI and Atonomi are designed for network and protocol agnostic security down to the lowest form factor and battery-powered devices used for IoT solutions. Such devices are increasingly becoming mainstream elements for companies embracing digital transformation, yet many issues around data and communications security, privacy and governance remain central to enabling systems that can truly be trusted as they become foundational elements of companies’ delivery capabilities.

Xavier Lamicq, CEO of Digital Edge, said, “We foresee a great shift from traditional paper-supported transactions to fully digital and legally binding interactions powered by our product Keydok, thanks to the enablement of a trusted network of devices powered by the CENTRI technology and proper identification from the Atonomi blockchain. We have already demonstrated the benefits of blockchain-based applications for the management of digital information. This is rooted in our Doku product and Keydok that we created in Mexico and reflects our many years of experience that led to the development of one of the largest e-signature and e-document exchange networks. Now, by working in this joint venture with CENTRI and Atonomi with a well-established network, we can bring new IoT solutions to businesses throughout the Americas and into Europe. I look forward to Mobile World Congress next week and our meetings with prospective customers. We expect our continued focus on Digital Transaction Management will be paramount for success.”

Despite a worldwide push for increased data security, fewer than half of businesses in the market today can detect breaches in their IoT devices. Spending on data security increased from 11% in 2017 to 13% now, but these companies need extensive end-to-end solutions. More than 90% of these companies know that they are exposed and need to spend to protect their data security. As the percentage of companies taking responsibility for their IoT security also increased from 4% to 14%, it is clear that this is a market ripe for adopting effective solutions for IoT security.

About CENTRI Technology and Atonomi

CENTRI provides advanced data security for the Internet of Things (IoT). Its flexible, software-only products provide IoT professionals, developers and device makers with the means to quickly get to market with purpose-built IoT security, protecting data from creation to consumption. CENTRI enables customers to mitigate today’s data communication risks in a standards-based network infrastructure with heavyweight industry-standard encryption and compression packed into a lightweight small footprint ideal for low-power IoT endpoint devices.

Atonomi, the blockchain-based subsidiary of CENTRI, is the creator of the universal trust environment for IoT and the ATMI token. Atonomi security software validates immutable device identity as well as enables device interoperability and reputation for a connected world. Through the application of blockchain technology, Atonomi aims to empower developers to build IoT solutions on its platform which will enable secure IoT transactions.

For more information, visit www.centritechnology.com and www.atonomi.io.

About Digital Edge

Digital Edge is a technology company developing and implementing business solutions focused on digital trust and reliability. Currently, Digital Edge is offering Doku and Keydok solutions for managing digital information in the health, professional, business and financial sectors. The core team of Miguel Hernandez, Andreína Gonzalez and Xavier Lamicq has been developing business software for more than 20 years. Together they previously designed and implemented a digital transaction solution for the Mexican government in one of the largest e-signature and e-document exchange networks.

For more information visit: http://dedge.global.

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