FAQs on Atonomi Whitelist Process

The Atonomi whitelist is now closed. We are now processing the applications in the order received and working to clear as many people as possible before the public sale. Frequently asked questions with answers below:

When does the public sale start and end?

Sale will be toward the end of May. Exact dates will be announced closer to the actual sale. It will be announced first on Telegram.

Can you guarantee I will be able to participate?

We cannot guarantee you will be able to participate. The demand has been very high and we are working to ensure as many people can participate in the public sale as possible.

How many tokens will be available?

500 million of 1 billion total tokens will be sold in total, including all private pre-sale and public sales. Additional detail will be announced soon.

Will my application be processed if I joined the whitelist, but didn't get an email?

Yes, you will be processed and receive an email.

What are the public sale metrics?

50% of the total supply will be sold. This includes both public and private sales. The exact amount for public sale will be available closer to the token sale date.

Is there an individual minimum or max cap? When will be know this?

Yes, there will be a maximum cap each day of the public sale. The calculation that will determine the cap will be announced prior to the public sale.

When will I receive the confirmation or KYC verification email?

Only a certain number of KYC requests can be processed each day. So it may take multiple business days before you receive the KYC email.

Can you provide us with a banned country list?

Your best bet is to attempt to sign up, if you are in a blacklisted country it won't let you. Otherwise you’ll be able to get in!

How do I check to see if the email I received is legitimate? Where will the communication come from? What type of emails should I expect and how many?

Official emails regarding the whitelist sign-up process will come from no-reply@communications.tokenmarket.net. Official emails regarding the document verification process will come from do-not-reply@onfido.com.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the verification process? Do you have an email address?

Telegram channel is the best method of communication.

Why did someone after me in the queue get whitelisted before me?

Some of the KYC can be done automatically based on various factors. So some accounts may be processed faster than others.

How do I know my personal information is secure? How do you protect my KYC documents and how long do you store them?

Protecting your personal information is a top priority for us and our service providers. You can read more about both TokenMarket's and Onfido's privacy policies on their websites.