The Atonomi whitelist sign-up process is now re-opened

The high demand at the time the whitelist sign-up was initially opened caused the systems to become overloaded. Not all requests processed completely. We apologize for any inconvenience. To ensure the accuracy of our process, we paused the systems to implement essential changes. Please note, only a limited number of requests can be cleared through our KYC process at a time.

When you submit your information, you will be added to a queue and processed in the order received. Please do not resubmit your information as this may delay your sign-up.  You will receive an email notification when you are able to continue with the KYC process and submit your identification information.

Information about the Whitelist:

When does the whitelist sign-up begin?

o   The whitelist sign-up process is open.

Where do I register?

o   Click the “JOIN WHITELIST” button on the Atonomi website at  You will be redirected to the website to complete the sign-up.

o   Please follow the instructions provided on the web site for registration details

When will the whitelist sign-up process end?

o   The whitelist sign-up process will be open for at least two weeks.

o   Please sign up as soon as you can. Being cleared through the KYC process may be immediate or it may take a few days.

o   A limited number of people can be processed through the KYC process each day. You will receive an email from with a secure link to continue with the KYC process.

o   What happens if I already started the Whitelist process? If you were able to get into the whitelist form at launch, completed the necessary information and received a confirmation email back from TokenMarket confirming your email address and received a secure link to continue the process and an email confirming you have been accepted into the whitelist you don’t need to resubmit anything else.

When will the public token sale begin?

o   We are preparing to begin the public token sale before the end of May.

o   The exact date for the public token sale will be announced soon. It will only be posted on the official Atonomi website and announced in our Telegram channel.  If you ever have questions or suspect someone is trying to scam you, please contact our admins on Telegram.

When can we begin using the Atonomi Network?

o   As a developer, you can begin building on the Network after May 15th when the Network is scheduled to launch.

o   However, since you will need the ATMI tokens to use the Network you will not yet be able to complete processes until Tokens are distributed after the public token sale completes.

o   Please follow our Telegram channel for developer-specific updates.

Who should sign up for the public token sale?

o   IoT solution developers, IoT device manufacturers and IoT programmers who plan to use the Atonomi token to secure their IoT products and services should sign up for the Token sale.

o   Also, end-users who are looking to secure their IoT devices now and over time should also sign up

Who will not be allowed to sign-up?

o   People who do not pass the background check process will not be allowed to sign-up.

o   People who are a citizen or resident of a geographical area in which purchase, holding or use of the Atonomi token is subject to applicable sanctions or embargoes, or prohibited by applicable law, decree, regulation, treaty or administrative act.

o   People who are identified on applicable sanctions lists, or employed by or associated with an entity that is identified on applicable sanctions lists.

More Information about the Public Token Sale

How many tokens will I be allowed to purchase in the public token sale?

o   On the first day of the public token sale, a low cap will be set in order to allow everyone on the whitelist to participate.

o   On the second and subsequent days of the public token sale, a higher cap will be set, with the exact amount dependent on whitelist sign-ups.

Remember, you will need to be cleared through our KYC process and you will need to send your ETH from the cleared Ethereum wallet address.  If you have not completed the whitelist process before the start of the public token sale, you will need to be cleared through the KYC process before placing an order. This will take time and may decrease your ability to participate so we encourage you to sign up in advance through the whitelist process.

How many tokens will be made available to purchase during the public sale?

o   500 million tokens will be sold - including both the public and previous private sales, which represents 50% of the 1 billion tokens created.

What is the price per Token?

o   The exact price of the Token will be set at the time of the public sale.

How can I get more information?

o   The official Atonomi website and Telegram channel are the best sources for more information.

o   We will continue to update our FAQs as more questions arise. Please continue to ask questions in our Telegram channel and we will answer them as quickly as possible.