Atonomi brings mission-critical security to Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Requires Industrial-Grade Security

IoT is reshaping the industrial landscape—but hackers see it as an attractive threatscape.

The interconnectivity of machines and their sensors to collect valuable data for real-time insights and to improve machine performance is already increasing productivity, quality, and worker safety. It is expected that more than 70% of IoT value will be captured by industrial markets—estimated to be exceed $4.6 trillion by 2025. Atonomi helps secure industrial IoT by giving manufacturers the ability to enhance processes with built-in blockchain-based immutable device identity and reputation tracking.

Security is essential to protecting industrial IoT because industrial infrastructure is an attractive target for hackers and other bad actors.

The need for increasing security for the Industrial IoT is well recognized:

“Cybersecurity Is the Biggest Challenge to Industrial IoT Development”

Headline in the Wall Street Journal

“Classical SCADA systems are already lacking in proper security measures … However, when these systems were exposed to the IoT environment, which involves cloud computing and complex network environments, they became more vulnerable to cyberthreats and attacks.”

Anam Sajid, Haider Abbas, Kashif Saleem, IEEE Access, Volume 4

“The level of security found in the consumer Internet just won't do for the industrial Internet.”

Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium

Why Atonomi for



A World of Connected Equipment

IoT deployments are forecast to reach 30.7 billion devices by 2020 and surpass 75 billion devices by 2025, according to IHS Markit. This represents an enormous attack surface for hackers and other bad actors, including state-sponsored espionage and sabotage. The Atonomi trust environment brings blockchain-based device identity and reputation tracking to help secure the future.

Small Footprint

Security is useless if it can’t fit onto your device. The Atonomi SDK is created for devices that measure their computing and storage resources in kilobytes—not megabytes or gigabytes.

Easy to Deploy

Just download our Atonomi Embedded SDK, and give your device or equipment the blockchain-based security of the Atonomi trust environment.

Works across Devices

The Atonomi trust environment is designed to work across all IoT devices. From pressure sensors and temperature gauges, to smart factories, automated warehousing, industrial robotics, or self-driving tractors for agriculture, the Atonomi SDK is designed for easy use across the spectrum of IoT devices.

Security as a Market Differentiator

Headlines around the world are making decision makers more aware of the critical need for protecting the Industrial IoT. One of the most egregious attacks involved what’s believed to have been nation state-sponsored intruders invading the safety system of an industrial plant. Embedding Atonomi gives device manufacturers the ability to provide security as a market differentiator.

The Atonomi trust environment uses public/private key cryptography and blockchain technology to record the unique IoT device identity onto the immutable ledger. Deeply rooted device identity is the foundation of security. Atonomi also uses immutable identity and machine learning to track device reputation to identify aberrations that could indicate a device has been hacked or otherwise compromised.

Compactly Coded for Compact Devices

Compactly Coded for Compact Devices

A Quick Overview of Atonomi

Here's a quick look at the basic building blocks of the Atonomi trust environment

Device Identity

Immutable root identity, especially when linked with device reputation, enables interaction between known and trusted devices. Atonomi incorporates device identity using Elliptic Curve 25519 public/private key pairs created during either the device development or manufacturing process. The Atonomi embedded SDK uses the key pairs later during device registration with the Atonomi trust environment.

Device Registration

Device manufacturers register device IDs, including the device’s public key, with the Atonomi trust environment. The Atonomi smart contract includes a device registration function that writes new device IDs to the blockchain. The registered device ID, along with its public key, is later used during device activation.

Device Activation

When the IoT device is purchased by the end user, they receive activation instructions that send them to the Atonomi web portal where they will enter the device identifier for device activation onto the Atonomi trust environment. The Atonomi Embedded SDK, integrated into the application code by the developer or OEM, guides the end user through the activation process.

Device Validation

Devices that have been Atonomi-enabled via the Atonomi Embedded SDK and that have successfully registered and activated on the Atonomi trust environment can begin to utilize the Atonomi Validation functionality. Devices exchange their signed device identifier with other devices with which they want to transact. This enables secure device-to-device interactions.

Device Reputation

The Atonomi Embedded SDK provides a device Reputation Service that relays quality of service data from interactions between devices on the Atonomi trust environment. The device reputation  uses an algorithm to generate a behavioral score. Interactions are tracked by reputation auditors, and analyzed using AI and machine learning to detect aberrations signaling a compromised devices.

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